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"Ada Lovelace"

Ada Lovelace
Ada Lovelace was the daughter of the famous poet, Lord Byron. She was dubbed the enchantress of numbers. Ada had an extensive education in the sciences and math and she is best known for her work on the analytical engine designed by the English computer pioneer, Charles Babbage in 1837, who is considered the father of the computer. In 1843, Ada translated the Italian mathematician Luigi Federico Menabrea's 1842 description of Babbage's machine into English, from one of Babbage's lectures in French. She not only translated it, but added her own thoughts and ideas on the machine, which was three times longer than the original article. Ada offered her ideas on looping which computer still used today. She was considered the first computer programmer and in 1980, the US department of defense named a newly developed computer language Ada after her.


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