Artwork created in Western New York.......collected around the world.

MOTHERS OF INVENTION: A Survey of Women Inventors

This ongoing series honors women inventors. Bringing to light little-known women who helped make the world better. Through this series I hope to inspire young women everywhere to pursue their ideas, surround themselves with supportive friends and seek professional advice to gain success. An exhibition of this series is scheduled for Meibohm Fine Art Gallery, East Aurora NY in the fall of 2020.

This exhibit is now scheduled for September 18th opening 2020. Closing October 17th. In addition to the artwork shown on the website there will be works honoring: Liz Maggie, Grace Hopper, Ruth Wakefield, Virginia Apgar, Marion Donovan, Mary Sherman Morgan, Patricia Bath, Anna Stork with Andrea Sreshta, Ayla Hutchinson, Mary A. Wilcox, and more.

More women included will be: Ada Lovelace, Buffalonian Rachel Jackson, Nancy Johnson, and Margret Wilcox


Photo Gallery: