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"A Better Cup of Coffee"

Melittaq Bentz (German 1873-1950)
Amalie August's Melitta Bentz (German 1873-1950)
 Amalie invented the first coffee filter, patented in 1908. In response to the grounds in the bottom of her coffee cup, she tried various papers and ended up using her sons blotting paper from school to create the first coffee filter. With a little money she started a company and her husband Hugo and her two sons Horst and Willie, were the first employees of the new company. Due to her success she gained confidence to invent more useful items. Her son Horst took over the company in 1930, she transferred the majority of the stock to her sons but kept handing it. She offered Christmas bonuses, vacations, and a work week reduced to five days.
An oil painting of a coffee bean branch on a clear gessoed Melitta coffee filter is mounted onto a white birch box.
10 by 10
Sold. Collection of Dr. Gerald Mead. Buffalo New York. USA


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