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Ayla Hutchinson - "Teen From New Zealand"

Ayla Hutchinson - Teen from New Zealand

Honoring Ayla Hutchinson
(born 1999)

As a New Zealand teenager, she saw her mom cut her self while splitting wood. As a result, Ayla invented a log splitting device called the Kindling Cracker, patented in New Zealand in 2016. It was a cast iron device with a built-in blade and a cage that holds the wood while you hit it. Ayla entered it into a school science fair and she got a great response. She developed the idea further and with the help of her father she founded a company as well as help in applying for a provisional patent. Two years later, it was estimated that tens of thousands of splitters were in use in New Zealand. She expanded distribution into the United States with a major tool company. After contacting her she responded to my email that she was happy to be in my art series.

Mixed media. 10” by 10”.

I painted a scene that illustrates wood ready to be split that goes on forever suggesting the infinite amount of wood that Ayla’s invention splits.

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