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"The White Stuff"

Bette Nesmith Graham (1924-1980)
Bette Nesmith Graham. (1924-1980).
Bette was an executive secretary at the Texas Bank & Trust. To help make corrections on her typed letters she made a water based tempera paint. First called Mistake Out. She sold it to other secretaries. It was a big hit. Later the name was changed to Liquid Paper. She sold her corporation to Gillette Corporation for $47.5 million, plus royalties. Her only son, musician Michael Nesmith ( best known for the TV show and band, The Monkees) inherited over $50 million.

Using actual LIQUID PAPER and other tempera paints. I painted a Texan Sky. A vintage typewriter ribbon completes the concept.

Mixed media, 8"x8"x2-1/4".
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