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Carmen Hijosa (Born 1952)
Carmen Hijosa.
 Born 1952, Carmen is the inventor of vegan leather made from discarded pineapple leaves in the Philippines. She invented an eco-friendly process in which sunlight is focused by reflectors on the tube heating an inside chamber. The tube acts as a perfect insulator converting 80% of the sun's rays into heat. Solar heat inside mimics the heat of an oven up to 550°F. This three-step process is represented by three colors orange, blue, and red. Her product is called Pinatex and is marketed for use across a wide range of products and industries such as fashion accessories and upholstery. Her product has been used by over 1000 different brands worldwide including Puma company, Hugo boss and H&M and the Hilton Hotel Bankside.
My oil painting suggesting the tropical setting where PINATEX is made has pushpins, representing the three step process.

Mixed Media
10 by 10
Collection of Grace Meibohm.


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