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Josephine Cochrane (American, 1839 - 1913)
Josephine Cochrane ( American, 1839 to 1913)

Josephine was the inventor of the first commercially successful automatic dishwasher, patented in 1886. Josephine noticed her China was being chipped one hand washed. To solve this problem she invented an automatic dishwasher using a copper water boiling barrel. She displayed her invention at the 1893 worlds fair in Chicago. Hotels were the first to use her invention. She formed a company that eventually became KitchenAid corporation.

A small square painting, of fine bone china engulfed in soap bubbles with copper braid rope ( reference to the copper boiler barrel) is mounted on a larger panel. The panel shows a photo transfer from a photograph of a real vintage KitchenAid dishwasher

Mixed Media, 10 x 10 by 2-1/2
Available through Meibohm Fine Arts.  


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