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"Baby in Need of Boaters"

Marian Donovan (American, 1917-1998)
Marian Donovan (American, 1917-1998)

Maryann invented the first waterproof plastic diaper pants and received her patent ( initially made from a shower curtain. ) She decided to make and market her products herself creating a company called Donovan Enterprises. She successfully sold them through Saks fifth Avenue in New York and later she probably sold her patent to Keko corporation for $1 million. She had an idea for a disposable diaper but could find no one to produce them. A decade later Victor Mills drew up on Donovan's version to create Pampers Marian went on to invent and patent 20 other items over the course of her career, all based on simple day today task. She said: "What do I think will help a lot of people and most certainly help me?"

A vintage photograph of two sisters, ( actually the artist and her older sister) , give an example of a young one-year-old that is in need of plastic diaper pants. The photograph is photo transferred to a panel. And a vintage diaper pin completes the concept.

Mixed media. 10"x10".
Available through Meibohm Fine Arts  


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