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Mary Sherman Morgan
Mary Sherman Morgan was an American chemist who left university to take a secret position for a munitions factory during World War II. She was the only work woman working for the rocket company North American Aviation's Rocketdyne Division, a manufacture of rocket propellant. Morgan was named technical lead for a NASA contract for the Jupiter missile project to produce a better record fuel she created Hydyne in 1957 that later propelled the modify Junpiter-C rocket called Juno 1 that helped boost America's first satellite Explorer-1 into orbit in 1958, most of her work was classified so people didn't really know about top-secret work including her family. After her death in 2004, her son George D Morgan began researching her career after initially speaking with former colleagues. This later inspired him to write a play as well as a book about her life, both aptly titled, ROCKET GIRL.


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